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RLT Corp.
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Recent Projects:

Florida Department of Corrections:

  • Implemented Y2K conversion for the department's personnel applications.
  • Implemented a log & appointment schedule for classification actions taken on an inmate.
  • Consulted in the design of a new 'Custody Classification System'. Wrote underlying subprogram for entire system and integrated it with numerous legacy programs.
  • Completed numerous and timely reports for FDC staff dealing with important litigation concerning inmate sentence structure.
  • Trained and continue to train both state and contract programmers about the many aspects of the FDC programming environment.
  • Provided project leadership in departments conversion of its core data store from a hierarchical IMS system to a relational DB2 system. Provided methodolgies & analysis for program conversions and data cleansing.
  • Provided, leadership, methodologies & analysis to break apart the department's CICS programs into presentation & business logic components. This project has allowed over 50% of the department's programs to be used as WEB services for a multitude of WEB based applications.
  • Added composition and insight to the departments Programming Standards Manual.

Florida Department of Transportation:

  • Implemented and maintained a PC based Mainframe Development Environment. Project used the Micro Focus & XDB case tools and consisted of several phases.
    • Setup & testing of case tool software (client & server).
    • Database (DB2 & IMS) offloading from mainframe to PC platform.
    • User training.
    • Completion of in-house manual.
  • Used the Platinum case tool to extract and build DB2 databases for the department's 'FM' project. The databases consisted of over 100 tables with referential integrity.


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